Looking to sell?

Below is a link to the paperwork to be filled out by residents who wish to sell their used trailer on their site.

Completed paperwork can be emailed to us at info@cedarbeach.ca. Contact the office for information on arranging am inspection. Once your paperwork is completed, be sure we have a copy of your keys so that the trailer can be shown to potential buyers!

Information on sales in the park from the License of Occupation:

  • The 8% commission is based on a fair market value of the trailer and is applicable to all trailers sold privately or through the Office. Minimum commission of $800.00 for any trailer sold on park
  • All trailers must undergo both a Government regulated TSSA inspection and a full trailer inspection (complete with a report) by a third-party RV technician before being sold.
  • Tow-able trailers (park models excluded) cannot be sold if older than 10 years of age. Unless permission is given based on exception quality.
  • All private sales must be registered at the office.
  • Sellers may list trailer through third-party websites and retain the right to show it privately.
  • Park management reserves the right to refuse the resale of any trailer.