Park Rules

Camp Fires: Must be contained in the ring provided at the front of the lot. Please do not move the fire ring. Campfires must be out by 11:30pm

Garbage: Please use the garbage and recycling disposal bins located at the main entrance across from the park office. Disposal of larger items such as furniture or appliances is prohibited and will be returned to the owner.

Occupancy: Lots are rented to one family. Two adults and two children under 18 years of age. Extra guests must register at the front office.

Parking: One car may be parked on your lot. All other vehicles must be registered at the front office and parked in the parking lot.

Pets: We love having your pets here! But they must always be on a leash and must remain quiet. Please clean up after them and be considerate of others.

Quiet Hours: 11:00pm – 8:00am (no music during this time) This is a family campground, so please be considerate of other guests. All children under the age of 16 must be on their lot by 10:00pm. If they are off the lots after this time, they must be accompanied by an adult. Music may be played outside of the quiet hours but must not be a disturbance to others at any time!

Responsibility: Campers are responsible at all times for the safety and conduct of their family and guests.

Rights: Park Management reserves the right to remove any trailer or any campers due to lack of cooperation or violation of park rules

Trailer Sales: All trailer sales must be arranged through the park office and get a TSSA approval.

Visitors: All visitors to your site must register and pay at the main office before being able to enter the park.

Wood: No wood may be brought into the park. All firewood must be purchased from the park office due to the spread of destructive pests such as the Asian Long-Horned Beetle and the Emerald Ash Borer.