Welcome to Beautiful Cedar Beach Resort!

Your ideal seasonal resort is conveniently located less than an hour drive from Toronto. Whether you are looking for a place to stay for the season or perhaps a place to escape for the weekend, we have what you need.

Situated on the sandy shore of Musselman’s Lake where young and old alike can enjoy a host of recreational facilities.

  • Swimming and sunbathing on our two-tier beach
  • Kayak, Hydro Bike, and Paddleboat rentals available
  • Canoeing and Fishing permitted on the lake
  • Fully Licensed Restaurant and our amazing new deck overlooking Musselman’s Lake
  • 2 swimming pools, hot tub, and splash pad!
  • Multiple newly constructed playgrounds for all ages
  • 2 new tennis courts and a basketball court
  • Beach volleyball, badminton, and sports fields
  • Unbelievable annual fireworks show on the water!
  • Pull through lots offering sewer/water connections along with 50 and 30 amp power
  • 520 fully serviced sites

Great friendships and a fun community. There are lots of activities and things to do. It’s just a short drive for us and we feel like we’re miles from anywhere.

Couple from Markham

Very beautiful. Amazing place for romance and spending time with your family. Lots of free activities and amazing and friendly people.

Mississauga Family

Had a great time there in the playground with my grandchildren and also in the pool. Enjoyed walking by the lake and barbecues in the evenings.

Grandfather from Toronto

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Good news! The crew has made enough progress that we are able to safely open Woodside Park and Hilltop (the west side of 9th line) TOMORROW MORNING AT 9 AM! There is still lots of cleanup left for us to do, but we have addressed all the urgent branches. Power and water have been restored to this side of the park. Lakeside Park (east side of 9th line) is still unsafe, so please stay out of this side of the park for now.If you wish to work on clearing your site of branches, you can stack them at the end of your site and maintenance will collect them when they can. Please DO NOT bring them to the garbage area, the office, or the back lot. You are permitted to use your own equipment to break down the fallen branches on your site, but DO NOT touch any trees/branches suspended or still attached to trees. Only fallen ones. We will still be coming around to deal with the rest.The office will resume regular hours tomorrow, but the phone lines are still down (hopefully repaired tomorrow). The best way to get in touch with us is through email (info@cedarbeach.ca). Please do not come before 9 am tomorrow. The gates will remain locked until then. Thank you everyone for your support (yes, we read all the comments and appreciate the positivity!). Have a nice evening. - Meghan ... See MoreSee Less
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Update, May 24thAfter 2 very long hard days, we are making progress:-The water system has been repaired and we think that we have it fixed, we will know more soon.-I met with Uxbridge Tree Service yesterday and they are bringing in a 50-ton crane to expedite some of the larger, dangerous trees. We should see them in the next day or so, obviously, they are overwhelmed as well.-I met with our electrician today and he believes he can have the damaged electrical lines repaired by Thursday, he has his own boom truck and can run new lines where required.-We have spent the last 2 days with a boom that we managed to get from Cooper Equipment (thank you so much), going around and making trees safe. We are not trying to drop trees completely, simply put the dangerous parts on the ground so that they no longer pose a risk to property and people. Because the park is empty and we can block roads off, this is going very quickly.Our goal before we can welcome anyone back in is simply to have the trees safe, water and electricity restored. The hydro came back on in the area last night, so we are back in the office, but the phone system at the office has undergone some damage. You can still reach us by email (info@cedarbeach.ca). There are still some incredibly dangerous trees that have not completely fallen and those have to be brought down before we can risk anyone being under them. From the damage that I have seen, I am anticipating Woodside park being opened first, followed by Hilltop and then unfortunately last would be Lakeside. Due to the path of the storm, the beach park, Fishbone, and parts of Lakeside park definitely received the worst of it. I will update everyone in a day or two after I have seen some more progress. Our staff came back from their holidays and began work immediately. We are working from 7 am until 6 pm and I can't thank them enough for all of their hard work! - Kyle ... See MoreSee Less
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For anyone who needs access to their trailer for necessities (ex. forgotten medication), we are allowing WALK IN access tonight from 6-6:30 PM. We ask that if you don't NEED to be in the park, please don't be. Do not come just to take pictures or look around as it is still a dangerous place to be and we are still working on cleaning up. Also, please leave your children at home.As for those wanting to bring in their insurance adjusters for assessments, we will announce when this will be permitted. There are still branches and debris on your trailers and vehicles, so they will be unable to assess the damage until we finish clearing this. A newsletter is going to be sent out soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. We will continue to keep everyone in the loop, but as of now, power and water has not yet been restored to the park. Please monitor Hydro One's progress by downloading their app and following the outage map for updates.Thanks again everyone and please stay safe. ... See MoreSee Less
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WowI don’t even know where to start. First off, thank you to everyone who helped out to get the roads opened. We are incredibly lucky that there was only 1 person injured. Our thoughts are with them and hoping for a speedy recovery.We had to make the unprecedented decision to evacuate the park as there are some very dangerous situations throughout the park.I have been on the phone and we have our electrician lined up to evaluate the damaged and downed lines.We will work as quickly as we can to get the electrical grid repaired along with the water lines that were ripped out. Please stay tuned, and I will keep everyone in the loop.Thank for your understanding throughout this incredibly difficult time. In order to welcome you back, we need to do a few things.Repair the downed hydro linesRepair the water system infrastructure that was ripped out when trees were uprootedRemove any trees that are hung up and pose an incredible hazard of falling imminently.As soon as the park is functioning and safe we will open up, as we clear different areas those areas will open. I anticipate this being done in stages.Thank you and stay safe.Kyle ... See MoreSee Less
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