Seasonal FAQ

Q: When is the park open?

A: Seasonal sites are from April 1st to October 31st (weather permitting).

Q: What are the season fees for this trailer?

A: All sites in the park are different. Sites range from $2,535 to $4,200 (+ tax). Please call the office to inquire about a specific site.

Q: What does 'adult exclusive' mean?

A: These sections of the park are typically quieter than the family sections. Children are allowed to visit, but are not permitted season passes.

Q: Do you offer WiFi?

A: We do have wifi that you may purchases through us, but we really encourage residents to use Rogers. We have a representative that we can put you in touch with.

Q: Do we rent out trailers?

A: We do not rent trailers. We provide new and used trailers for sale, but we do not provide rentals. 

Q: How many adults and children are included in the price?

A: The seasonal rate includes passes for two adults and two children. Additional passes can be purchased (child $33.33 + tax, adult $100 + tax).

Q: Is the resort pet friendly?

A: The resort is pet friendly. However, dogs are not allowed to go on the beach and must be on a leash at all times. 

Q: Does my site include parking?

A: Each seasonal site has parking for one car on the site. Parking permits for an additional car can be purchased for $100 + tax for the season.